A Microsoft Certified Professional. A Solutions Architect, Career Coach & Advocate of different Causes in Philippines.

Hi, I’m Jayson de Leon.

My Message

With a professional career in IT industry for about a decade, it is of the utmost importance that I always push for changes within myself and for the professional community at large. I always believe that,

one’s relevance in life or at work is measured on his ability to influence other people for better.

By influencing other people, you are already doing your contribution back to the community, much more when you share your experience and learnings.  I have been actively serving Microsoft community since 2017 when I joined Microsoft Gold Partners in the Philippines. As an SME, I am passionate about learning new things, understanding my clients’ pain points and translating these challenges into opportunities by crafting potential solutions and providing services.  And that is my driver each day, every time I connect with client, I am hopeful that I always add value to them (improvement on their processes) through IT consulting, technological strategies and digital transformation projects that I formulate with them.   

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are simply unwilling to do.”


Life before Dynamics included a successful stint in implementation of locally developed ERP and Payroll systems. It has proven invaluable in his consulting roles which paved the way to see his growth in the Dynamics world.


As an IT Professional, Jayson has been in IT Service and IT Consulting for almost a decade now, and his experience is a composition of project & product management focusing in Enteprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

Dynamics 365 Lab

This page should be a nice place where we can sit and discuss different questions about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics BC.


The Causes that Jayson had chosen involves poverty alleviation programs, public education scholarship and environmental sustainability related projects.